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Why Clients Should Hire LegalAxxis Instead of LegalZoom

Sometimes I am asked why clients should work with LegalAxxis instead of LegalZoom for transactional law needs. This is an important question that needs to be addressed on our website. Here are some of the many reasons clients should hire LegalAxxis, instead of LegalZoom:

1. Accessibility to a live lawyer. With LegalZoom, there is no accessibility to a live lawyer absent an additional fee or package. For instance, setting up a business entity with LegalZoom does not entitle clients to communicate with a lawyer as a part of the flat fee to form the business. In this way, LegalAxxis is remarkably different from LegalZoom. As a part of the flat fee, LegalAxxis clients get to communicate with a live attorney via email or telephone.

2. More informed decisions. Sure, LegalZoom offers a lot of free legal information on its website, but this information is mere words to the untrained brain. Also, clients who have more complex or high-stake transactional needs cannot rely on the simplified legal information provided on LegalZoom’s website. With LegalAxxis, clients can make more informed decisions, as they will have all of their specific questions promptly answered by an attorney.

3. An attorney does the work. LegalZoom clients are required to fill out forms to facilitate their transactional needs. LegalZoom clients risk the chance of improperly filling out a field or making a mistake that can result in later liability. LegalAxxis clients, however, do not complete their own forms. Instead, the work is done by an experienced and meticulous attorney.

4. Free follow-up legal advice. When clients use LegalZoom to, for instance, set up a business entity, they are left with just that. There is no opportunity for LegalZoom clients to ask post-business formation questions absent an additional fee or package. LegalAxxis clients, on the other hand, are left with more than just a business entity. LegalAxxis clients are able to follow up with their attorney and ask post-business formation or other questions related to their transactional needs. In fact, LegalAxxis attorneys do not charge their clients to address later questions or concerns that may arise. LegalAxxis clients are reasonably afforded free legal advice related to the services that they have received.

5. Good track record. Simply performing a Google search of “LegalZoom ripoff” will provide potential clients with a good list of reasons to stay away from the company. Many of these complaints concern hidden fees and misleading advertising. LegalAxxis has never received any such complaints from clients.

After reading these points, some may consider the flat fees associated with LegalZoom, compared to the high hourly fees charged by other attorneys. Here, at LegalAxxis, we address this consideration by performing all transactional work for an affordable, flat fee. Clients do not have to worry about hourly fees merely because they have chosen to hire a live attorney. Our goal at LegalAxxis is to provide low cost and affordable legal services so that there is legal access for all.

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